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Since 2002, I've worked with startups and organizations of all sizes, helping lead the effort to develop audiences, launch products, and generate revenue.  

My Mission

My mission is to help make life for your startup easier. Whether you care about creating a winning digital marketing strategy or helping launch your MVP, the President Shark team is here to help. 

Based in Los Angeles, I work with clients around the world in order to create processes and workflows designed to help generate new business.

My unique background in digital marketing, branding, and product development provides us with a vantage point useful for startups.

My process uses agile methodology to identify opportunities for improvement. 

It all starts with a conversation.

Let's hop on a call to discover your business needs and goals, and we can work to put together a strategy to get you there. 


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Sales & Business Development

  • Cashflow: Poorly structured sales strategy's can lead to problems with cashflow, stagnating growth. 
  • No Resources: Small teams don't have the resources to hire or build a reliable sales teams. 
  • An Outsourced Sales Team: Our outsourced sales team will get your sales off the ground. 
  • Results Oriented: Our  techniques focus on achieving the key performance indicators that matters most to your business. 
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Digital Marketing & Branding

  • Your Customers Don't Know Who You Are: A poorly executed marketing strategy can lead to lost market share.  
  • Marketing Matters: Small teams need to get to market quickly.  
  • Marketing Experts : Our outsourced marketing team will help get your digital marketing strategy off the ground. 
  • Growth Hackers: We use our 10+ years experience to build a growth based marketing and branding strategy. 
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Product Management & Launch

  • From Idea to MVP: A poorly structured product launch can lead to a loss of resources. 
  • Product Development: Small teams don't always have the resources to hire or build a reliable product development team  
  • Product Specialists: Our outsourced product team helps get your product to market. 
  • Product Owners: We use our techniques in order to help startups build a better product development strategy.  

Let’s figure out who your customers are.
— -Terence Latimer
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