Branding 101: Your 30 Year Legacy

When you think of the best brands in the business - you can’t help but feel something. A commercial might remind you of a moment from childhood - a smell takes you back to a special memory with a loved one - the brands we choose to spend our time engaging with are the ones who’ve done the ability to make us FEEL something.

What what’s the best way to develop that connetion with someone? Its to develop arelationship wiht them. Know your story and you have the ability to communicate who you are what what type of future you’d like to see. Once you’ve got that outlined, you can begin the process of going out into the world, identifying your tribe, growing your audience, and adding value.

Know where you want to be 30 years from now and you’ve got the beginnings of a story. Tell a story worth telling.
— Startup Sharks
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What’s Your Origin Story?

Your origin story is simple: where did you (or your brand) come from? Brand strategy is as much about relationship building as it is about communication.

When you communicate your origin story to your stakeholders, you offer them a glimpse into your past.

Authenticity is where lasting relationships are built - by taking the first step of describing where you come from and how, you provide a point of cognitive recognition for your stakeholders to identify opportunities to collaborate - based on shared experiences and presumptuously, shared values.

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The average consumer receives 6K - 10K brand messages per day.

Telling Authentic Brand Stories

Because consumers receive so many brand messages, they’ve figured out some ways to only pay attention to the things they care about. They follow the brands, influencers and lifestyles - which best reflect their interests.

It becomes important then, to cut through the noise. A great way to do that is to create, share, and engage with others - content. Whether your strategy is long term or short term, we recommend creating content which matches your customers journey to purchase.



Brand + Marketing Strategy

Brand development and marketing strategy relate to developing and nurturing lasting relationships with your clients and your stakeholders. By incorprating a cohesive strategy which matches the creative with the anaylitcal, you’ll be able to build a comprehensive program designed to help you continue to grow.