Sales is a Process, Not a Destination

President Shark's sales strategy philosophy is rooted in a 5 Step Iterative process, designed to build the foundations of a team built for success.

Once you've done the hard work like tracking processes, digging into data, and testing your assumptions, you'll have enough of a foundation to identify your Ideal Customer Profile, learn how to create Business Goals That Matter and more. 

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Startup Sales Matter

Sales strategy matters to your startup: it’s your responsibility to clearly communicate your value proposition to prospective and current customers. If your customers don’t know what makes you different or unique from your competitors, or, more importantly, don’t see you as a solution to their problems, they’re not going to remember you when it comes time to make a purchase.

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90% of startups fail

Trouble building a customer base, unrefined business models, and struggling to create cash reserves are just some of the issues that can doom a new company.

Of the 82% of businesses that do fail, it happens because of cash flow issues.

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Getting Started

Before you can attack your startup’s sales strategy, identify where the sales team fits.

Questions to Think About

  • What function do Sales serve for your organization?
  • How does the Sales department work with other departments?
  • What role does the Sales team have in helping your startup hit business goals?

If you're interested in learning how our sales team can help you out, book a 15 minute Discovery Call.