Digital channels and brand development go hand in hand.  

Today's tech savvy user learns about your startup through key channels like social media, your website, and word of mouth. Your startups brand is your north star - your values, goals, and mission are what your users are going to attach themselves to, once they've heard your story. 

Learn how the President Shark team wants to help you create a tone of voice + strategy that will help you create a winning conversation with your customers. 

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Content Creation

Content - the media and information that your customers consume before engaging with your brand - is king. Blogs posts, videos, and online reviews are just some of the media future customers consume in order to get to know you and your startup better. The President Shark team works with your startup to create winning content which helps delivers the messages most important to your startup. 

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Digital MArketing + Strategy

Learn how our teams 10+ years in digital marketing can help you create the right content, deliver it to the right audience, on the right platform. 

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Writing Sample: The End of the Lebron Era

Learn my take on how Lavar Ball and Big Baller Brand are the NBA's biggest problem: social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram means that today's NBA is a players league.