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Eater LA: New LA-Based Social Justice Restaurant Review App Merges Activism and Eating

It’s not easy being Yelp, the king of the on-the-go restaurant crowdsourcing market.

The company has had to fight off lawsuits and grumbles from many sectors of the restaurant industry, while still maintaining a relevant foothold with users. Now there’s even more competition knocking at the door.

Enter The Food Tribe, a new restaurant review platform with a digital gift card component and a plan for doing good. 

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WeAreLATech: Food Tribe, A Restaurant Review Platform Committed to Ending Hunger: LA Startup Spotlight - Terence Latimer

WeAreLATech is the 1st Podcast Focused on LA Startups. Hosted by TechZulu's Espree Devora. 

WeAreLATech exists to get to know the startups fueling Los Angeles and to become a top destination for tech and innovation they feature LA startups, investors and LA Tech influencers on their weekly podcast.

Founders Los Angeles: Terence Latimer of Food Tribe

“Being a founder is all about maintaining a vision. Being an entrepreneur is lonely and difficult– not everyone understands what you are dealing with. But as long as you have the capacity to understand that there is an end goal in sight, then it’s only a matter of time until you get there.”

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Authority Magazine: Find People Who Support You To Win In Business

The most interesting part of Food Tribe’s story really is about how it started. I took a one-day course at General Assembly regarding finding purpose in your work.

The speaker that day said to look at the center of your (a) talents (b) your definition of a quality of life (c) and understanding the impact you wanted to have on the world, and you would at least have an idea of what you wanted out of life.

I walked out of the room that day with an idea to combine my love of food, a passion for technology, and a desire to make sure no one ever had to go hungry.

VoyageLA: Meet Terence Latimer of Food Tribe in Venice

Riding on the wave of crowdfunding success stories, Food Tribe got all the validation it needed after raising 80% of its crowdfunding goal on platform Indiegogo – #JointheTribe: Foodies Feeding Foodies gave Food Tribe the funds it needed to begin building a prototype of a new kind of restaurant review platform.

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Side Hustle Business School: Side Hustle CEOs - Terence Latimer and Food Tribe

People who introduce us to our new favorite foods are the real MVPs! You’re about to meet the ultimate food plug who makes it easy to find the restaurants who cook up dishes that make our hearts sing—and our Instagram’s bling (seriously, they have a guide called “How to Take Food Photos That Will Make Your Friends Want to Lick the Screen“).