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Avoiding Burnout and the Pyromaniacs that It Will Cause Your Business

By Terence Latimer

After building my first company, Food Tribe, into one of Los Angeles’ most beloved foodied communities, as well as my startrup consultancy Startup Sharks, to help companies get out their drives, I developed a wide site of tools and techniques designed to help learn more about your customer by creating magical products that delight and excite.

I was burned out and fried.

I had gone from the creature comforts of working the corporate life to starting two businesses at once.

I lost friendships, employees, relationships.

And, because I had most of my stake in my companies, I had no choice but to face the pressure and continue on.

My cure?

To develop a self-care routine which made sure that I had what I needed to give my clients what they wanted and needed - the best version of me.

Now, was this the right move? Figuring out new, unique and creative ways to keep up my energy, and allow me to feel as though I’m living a purpose driven life outside and inside of work?

That being said, I can look back on my career and notice several different moments of burnout.

If that’s how you’re feeling, learn more about some of the methods I’ve created known as the Startup Sharks Self-Care Method.

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Stress is a familiar to many startup founders — it gives you the motivation to accomplish big goals and to push forward during difficult times.

Burnout, on the other hand, is the enemy.

This crisis moment burns your relationships, performance, and yourself. 

Learn the Startup Sharks Method to Self-Care for Founders:

  • To win back your time

  • Take back your energy

  • Save you money


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