Finding My Purpose, Launching a Brand and Building a Legacy


Personal Branding 101: Your 30 Year Legacy

The first step to telling your 30 year story is by taking control of your personal brand.

What’s the story people are telling about you, or your startup, before you walk into the room?

This 60-Minute lesson is designed to teach you some of the ways I’ve learned to take advantage of your personal brand to figure out the kind of business to launch and the type of clients you want to serve.

Tell your story online in order to find your tribe and land new contacts, new contracts and new opportunities.

Still need help?

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If you feel like you still need some help, I can teach you some ways to take advantage of ways to tell your personal story on your journey to startup success.

If you’re interested in taking it to the next level, purchase the first three lessons of the #SideHustle Startup School, launching in January, below.

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Your #SideHustle Workbook Includes:

  • Know Thyself: Learn how to mentally prepare yourself, resources, and team in order to launch your business.

  • Know Thy Tribe: Understand your customers, competitors, and the best way to add value to potential partners.

  • Solve A Problem: Understand how to create your Unique Selling Position and how to make yourself stand out from the competition.

  • BONUS: Branding 101: Finding Your Purpose, Customer, and Product for the Next 30 Years

  • BONUS: 5 Easy Sales Tips for Your Startup

  • BONUS: Creating an Ideal Customer Profile