Five Steps to Developing Your Start-Up's Sales Strategy

90% of startups fail

Trouble building a customer base, unrefined business models, and struggling to create cash reserves are just some of the issues that can doom a new company.

Of the 82% of businesses that do fail, it happens because of cash flow issues.

Ready to join the 10%?

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  1. Figure Out How Its Being Done:

This is your chance for you to have a heart to heart with your business and measure the health of your Sales Organization.

Identify your sale’s teams KPI’s: is it closes, lead’s generated?

Does it mean picking a CRM system? Hiring new sales reps?

Take an audit of your Sales team’s health by following these steps. Once you know where your team is, then you’ll be able to figure out a way to get to that next level of success.

2. Identify Opportunities for Improvement

Once you have an understanding of your sales process, you’ve probably identified opportunities for improvement: what hasn’t been working? What needs change?

Ask yourself tough questions like has management been effective. This process needs to include ALL stakeholders, including departments outside of sales. Figure out ways to get your team to work together better.

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3. Create SMART Goals

Once you’ve identified opportunities for improvement, the next step is creating goals. The goals you should focus most on are the ones that are going to get your Sales team healthy.

This directive should be guided by management and should be in line with your startups business goals.

If your startup is bleeding cash, make sure your expense tracking and policy is up to par. If your startup is struggling with revenue, make sure that the Sales team has been hitting close and average deal value goals established. 

T’s Tip: Try planning your goals using my 30 Years in 3 Minutes Worksheet.

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