#newmusic - new year, same flavor: tracks from @therealkranium + @bigsean

#newmusic - new year, same flavor: tracks from @therealkranium + @bigsean

Every year, I get sucked into the New Year's resolution cult and commit to making a life change or goal in the hopes of improving myself.

Nah. No more of that.

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that they never feel fun.

#newmusic - winter playlist 2016: aloha version featuring @donaldglover, #atribecalledquest + more

I came back from Hawaii sick.

Fun stuff like surfing, snorkleing, and hiking (with a couple of swiggity swigs of Uncle Jerry's magic potion), and then staying up all night will do that to you.

This guy is currently detoxing for the next few weeks: getting back into my usual routine of yoga, meditating, lifting weights, and drinking plenty of water.

Music shall be my vice, which is awesome, because I listened to some really good tracks during my time in Alohaland. 

With President Elect Trump getting ready to crash the White House, this month's Hawiian themed playlist features a couple of artists I KNOW Mr. Obama gets down with. 

America's favorite president is on his way out, combined with my recent adventure in Hawaii, it's best I give Mr. Obama a standing ovation. You did a great job sir. 

Check out some of the tracks the crew and I vibed to while in Hawaii:

3005 - Beach Picnic Version, Childish Gambino

Lockjaw  feat. Kodak Black- French Montana

Officially #funemployed: A Goodbye Note to Dedicated Media, My Home for the Past 3.5 Years

Officially #funemployed: A Goodbye Note to Dedicated Media, My Home for the Past 3.5 Years

This blog post comes at a little bit of a surprise, but I thought that I'd share this part of my entrepreneurship journey with you:

After 3.5 years, I'm no longer working at Dedicated Media!