2016 Wrap Up: 7 Lesson's Learned to Create 10 Goals & Figure Out What's Next for 2017

2016 Wrap Up: 7 Lesson's Learned to Create 10 Goals & Figure Out What's Next for 2017

Let's all admit it: 2016 was rough. This happened. 

And don't forget about Harambe. And then there's that Brexit thing no one wants to talk about. 

A couple of weeks in... and I'm still looking over my shoulder. You never know: something from last year might come back for one last swift kick in the hiney.

Officially #funemployed: A Goodbye Note to Dedicated Media, My Home for the Past 3.5 Years

Officially #funemployed: A Goodbye Note to Dedicated Media, My Home for the Past 3.5 Years

This blog post comes at a little bit of a surprise, but I thought that I'd share this part of my entrepreneurship journey with you:

After 3.5 years, I'm no longer working at Dedicated Media! 

#mustread: @muscleforlife's bigger, leaner, stronger catch up - how I dropped 39 pounds eating cookies and lived to tell the tale

I wrote a couple of months ago about how trying to balance work, life, and fitness was a challenge, but something that I needed to do for my own mental sanity.

Being an entrepreneur is tough: staying healthy is a great way to blow off steam and keep you focused. 

Since I began the program in July, I've lost 39lbs and about 8% body fat.

I started the program at 235 lbs, 26% body fat; today, I weigh in at 196 lbs with 19% body fat: the plan is to drop down to 185 and then to start the next (and my favorite phase): BULKING.

The key to the program is nutrition: if I'm being perfectly honest, my weightlifting regime hasn't been consistent. 

I've had to supplement with surfing, biking, and basketball. September I knocked out a 30-day yoga challenge as well: shout out to my boys Danny and Simon for clowning my terrible yoga technique and keeping me humble 😂😂.

My nutrition game has been relatively on point: my favorite part of the plan is the fact that you can eat whatever you want, just as long as you fall within our macros. 

My current plan has me eating 2000 Calories, 250G Protein, 119G Carbohydrates, and about 60g of fat, every day. 

Bigger, Leaner, Stronger Catch Up.PNG

Hitting your macros every day can be a little tough, but for me, I look for ways to make the experience creative in order to keep things interesting: I'm still doing meal prep and lots of cooking.

Eating out is always an option too. Just remember: plan your meal before you get to the restaurant to make sure you fall within your macro goals. 



Also, I'm currently crushing these Birthday Cake Fudge Stripes cookies =  crack. 

I eat these cookies daily. 



Once I drop down to 185, I'm switching over to my favorite part of training: BULKING! It's going to be good putting some size back on / eating, a lot. 

if you were ever considering starting a gym regimen, I highly recommend you give Bigger, Leaner, Stronger a shot. 


#blog sneak peek: how to plan goals w/non-negotiables

While picking up my cousin from the airport yesterday, I happened to come across a J. Cole commentary track where he talks about how classic of a song B.O.B. is, by Outkast. 

After the quick reminder of JUST HOW dope of a song it was, a quick Spotify search later, and I was hit with:

"1, 2, 1, 2, 3, Yeah! Inslumnational underground..."

I mostly bring Outkast and B.O.B. because I'm currently in the Lab, working on some things:

Outkast  provided some inspiration. 

My mission for yesterday was to figure out a way to finish 2016 strong while also planning out my goals for 2017.



During his verse, the under appreciated Big Boi dropped a nugget of knowledge I'm sure has influenced just how ambitious I'm going to be next year. 

Make a business for yourself, boy, set some goals
Make a fat diamond out of dusty coals

Big Boi brings up some excellent points: 

  1. Work for Yourself
  2. Have Goals
  3. Make the Best Out of Your Circumstances

In the spirit of Sir Lucious Left Foot, I thought I'd share how I'm using his knowledge and using that to provide a framework to help push me forward. 

Self-awareness is key to entrepreneurship.

My version of this is what I call Non-Negotiables.

(define): Non-Negotiable 

Something not open to discussion or modification

While planning my goals, I make sure that none of them conflict with my non-negotiables. 


While I'm busy writing my upcoming non-negotiables post, check out the video below to learn what each principle means to me.

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