Quitting is for Suckers: What I learned Getting Thrashed by the Ruckus Team

The Ruckus Team and I are about 6 weeks into our adventure. The first couple of weeks were about Choosing our projects, which meant defining our goals 3 years from now, as well as were we wanted to be in 3 months, by the end of our time together. 

Choose was followed by Declare, which meant keeping ourselves accountable to a specific goal by the end of our 3 months. After Declare came Thrash, where we presented our ideas for feedback.  

Thrash was tough: after presenting, I felt good, and dare I saw slightly cocky?  As my audience started giving me feedback though, reality set in: no one knew what the hell I was talking about. 

I pitched #MyLAFoodStory - check out below and let me know if you can understand what my project is about.  


What was most frustrating was that I thought I did a good job explaining Food Tribe and #MyLAFoodStory,  but after reviewing my presentation, I realized I made a bunch of mistakes. 

I processed the feedback, immediately cleaned up my presentation and sought out additional feedback from Impact Hub Director of Programs, Ani Okkasian


Next time you have a bright idea, make sure to sanity check it by Ani, she'll poke more holes in it than Swiss cheese. 


During our hour long meeting, Ani and I went back and forth regarding the merits of this idea or that, but ultimately, she convinced me that some of my ideas were good, most were terrible and that I wasn't as far ahead of the game that I thought I was... It felt like the Philadelphia 76ers felt after they got dominated by the Lake Show - dusted up and defeated

After I got home, I asked myself "Why doesn't anyone understand how great my idea is?"

That turned into a desire to help you guys understand why Food Tribe will be the food discovery platform you'll want to use - because if you use Food Tribe, you get to end hunger. It's crucial you understand that.  

Lesson for the week was that once I opened Food Tribe to feedback, #MyLAFoodStory got better. Once I saw #MyLAFoodStory getting better, I wanted to repeat that success and sought MORE feedback- each Thrashing getting me closer to launching Food Tribe: LA's food discovery platform powered by food donations.