#newmusic - new year, same flavor: tracks from @therealkranium + @bigsean

new year, same me-.png

Every year, I get sucked into the New Year's resolution cult and commit to making a life change or goal in the hopes of improving myself.

Nah. No more of that.

The problem with New Years Resolutions is that they never feel fun.

T's Mantra: Have fun. All the damn time. 

I'm still going to make goals and knock 'em outta the park, but on my terms. 

No amount of planning is going to save you (or me) from the rollercoaster of life: shit's gonna get real. 

We should ALWAYS be committed to getting better: we don't need no stankin' New Years resolution to do that.

But hey: If a New Years resolution's is what you need to do better this year, do what you gotta do:

Get that butt in the gym. 

Shoot that podcast you and your friends were talking about.

Hopefully the tracks below make for a fun journey. 


1. Madness, The-Dream


2. Back Up feat. 24hrs, Ty Dolla $ign


3. Ex Calling, 6Lack, FREE 6LACK

4. OOOUUU, Young M.a.

6. Bounce Back, Big Sean

7. Stylo, Gorillaz

8. Throw Myself A Party, Cashmere Cat

9. Hot Summer Nights, Nicholas (Thanks @palmtreemoney!)

10. Mexican Cola Bottle Baby, Moscoman (Thanks again @palmtreemoney!)

11. Because I'm Me, The Avalanches

12. Human Nature, Madonna

13. Shyness Boy, Anri