#30for30 - 30 T'isms: #lifelessons & nuggets of knowledge I've picked up during my 30 years on this earth (Part I)

founding a restaurant review start up sometimes means I pretend that I know what I'm doing

I turned 30 last week. And again this past weekend, where I got to celebrate with Modelo's + tequila shots (thanks D!) with some friends. Hanging out during the day ended up being a wise choice: 36+ hour recovery times (plus Game of Thrones) is a requirement now that I've officially stepped out of my 20's. 

If I'm being honest, I was nervous about turning 30! My knees hurt more than they used to, and there's definitely some added financial pressures.

Other than that, I feel good, damn't! There's supposed to be a stigma about hitting your 30's, but I've found it to be more mental than anything: I still play basketball, hang out with my friends and find time for naps.

Naps are a necessary part of adulthood.

Naps are a necessary part of adulthood.

I DO work a lot, though. There's been some growing pains associated with figuring out the work / life balance aspect of things, but what's improved is my focus: what I can say is that my head hasn't ever been clearer than it is right now 

In honor of my 30th, this three-part post is dedicated to 30 "ism's," or lessons, I've learned during my 30 years on this planet. 

"T'Ism's" 1- 10 (Part I)

  1. CASH IS KING  - I learned this from my brother: always carry cash. I'm terrible at it, but cash really does make everything easier. It also makes people listen a lot closer. I know I listen a little better whenever I see M̶r̶'̶s̶ ̶J̶a̶c̶k̶s̶o̶n̶, Franklin, and Washington waving in my direction.
  2. LET IT GO - Life's too short to stay pissed all the time. If something's bothering you, get it off your chest: yell, go hit the weights, hike, do SOMETHING to release what's bugging you then keep it pushing. Normally, staying angry effects no one but yourself.
  3. MEDITATE. I really wish I learned this one sooner. Meditating has changed my outlook on a lot of things. At the beginning of this year I read Shunryu Suzuki's Zen Mind, Beginners Mind: I knew pursuing Food Tribe was going to be extremely taxing: emotionally, financially and mentally, so it was important for me to seek balance. Meditation has taught me that in whatever you do, do just that. Don't let external OR internal noise keep you from pursuing the things you want. 
  4. READ (a book). Anyone who knows me knows I'm constantly on my phone: checking emails, researching, working with developers, etc. I was a pretty voracious reader growing up, and it dawned on me that the older I got, the less I felt like I read for pleasure. Enter my 2016 New Years resolution to reading 1 book a month: Boom. Learned.
  5. TRAVEL. Believe it or not, there are health benefits associated with traveling. Besides that, there's a bunch of really cool shit and some really cool people out there. Go see/meet them. 
  6. STACK (save). Whatever you do, SAVE. Even if it's just a little bit. I'll open an online account and set-up an auto transfer for $15 a month and forget about it. One day, that money comes in handy. I also use this great app called Qapital to save on my everyday purchases. Click here to find out more (Disclosure: if you sign up via the provided link, we both get $5). 
  7. KNOW YOUR DRINK. "I'll have a Whiskey Ginger or Tequila on the rocks, bartender, whichever you can get into my hand quickest." Keep it pushing. 
  8. TIP WELL. A lot (not all) of the jobs where tips are expected suck. Pay it forward. You'll feel better. 
  9. SIDE HUSTLE. Food Tribe. Food Tribe. Food Tribe. But for real, have a passion. Side projects are a good way to keep you sharp, motivated, and creative. By definition entrepreneurs are problem-solvers: figure out a problem that bugs you, and see if you can solve it!
  10. ADAPT. My adaptability is my favorite trait about myself. Learning to roll with the punches and get out of your comfort zone keeps you on your toes. If you're on your toes, you're not stagnant. If you're not stagnant, you're moving forward, which is the best anyone can hope for.

That's all I've got for now. Stay tuned for Part II and Part III soon to come.