#blog sneak peek: how to plan goals w/non-negotiables

While picking up my cousin from the airport yesterday, I happened to come across a J. Cole commentary track where he talks about how classic of a song B.O.B. is, by Outkast. 

After the quick reminder of JUST HOW dope of a song it was, a quick Spotify search later, and I was hit with:

"1, 2, 1, 2, 3, Yeah! Inslumnational underground..."

I mostly bring Outkast and B.O.B. because I'm currently in the Lab, working on some things:

Outkast  provided some inspiration. 

My mission for yesterday was to figure out a way to finish 2016 strong while also planning out my goals for 2017.



During his verse, the under appreciated Big Boi dropped a nugget of knowledge I'm sure has influenced just how ambitious I'm going to be next year. 

Make a business for yourself, boy, set some goals
Make a fat diamond out of dusty coals

Big Boi brings up some excellent points: 

  1. Work for Yourself
  2. Have Goals
  3. Make the Best Out of Your Circumstances

In the spirit of Sir Lucious Left Foot, I thought I'd share how I'm using his knowledge and using that to provide a framework to help push me forward. 

Self-awareness is key to entrepreneurship.

My version of this is what I call Non-Negotiables.

(define): Non-Negotiable 

Something not open to discussion or modification

While planning my goals, I make sure that none of them conflict with my non-negotiables. 


While I'm busy writing my upcoming non-negotiables post, check out the video below to learn what each principle means to me.

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