Developing Products that meet needs. 

Our team of product owners and professionals are interested in helping your startup with everything from wireframing to user surveys. Our process is rooted in lean and agile methodologies in order to get your product or service to market as quickly as possible - without wasting important things like time and money. 

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Product Development 101

Whether you're launching a service, consumer packaged good, or digital product like a website or an app - first you need to define the problems,  know who your customer is, and then understand their needs  - then, and only then are you ready to move from the planning stage to the development stage.

Our team wants to help you put together a plan of action in order to soft launch your startup before you take it to market, and potentially waste thousands of dollars. 

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5 Lessons I Learned About Building a Product-Focused Company with General Assembly

The first (and most important) lesson learned during the course was the Golden Rule: Your product should be your number one priority.

Oftentimes, startups get too focused on things that don’t push their business forward: attending trade shows, watching too many how-to videos, or focusing on the wrong business metrics.

Getting a product to market should be every startup's number one priority.

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Agile & LEan: What do They Mean?

Agile development and Lean methodologies are two product development philosophies the President Shark team evangelizes. Learn our process to get your product development process in place to help connect the dots between the product team and your other teams, from marketing to sales.